Cardboard Inspection Overview

FORESIGHT STEREO detects with high accuracy minute flaws, wrinkles, indentations, and breaks that are difficult to detect by ordinary visual inspection in the surface inspection of corrugated board. The system combines special lighting technology with advanced AI algorithms to clearly detect minute surface abnormalities and provide accurate inspection results.

Specific Detection Examples

  1. Flaw detection
    FORESIGHT STEREO accurately detects even the slightest scratch on the surface of corrugated cardboard. Even minute flaws that would be missed under normal lighting conditions are clearly revealed by the special lighting technology.
    Left ImageRight Image
    1. Cut detection:
      Any breaks that may occur during the manufacturing process or transportation are quickly and accurately detected by FORESIGHT STEREO.
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    In this inspection, FORESIGHT STEREO was able to detect scratches, wrinkles, and indentations on the surface of corrugated board with high accuracy. For example, it was demonstrated that small flaws that are difficult to see with ordinary lighting could be clearly identified by using FORESIGHT STEREO. As a result, quality control of corrugated fiberboard was dramatically improved, resulting in fewer defective products and reduced costs.


    FORESIGHT STEREO demonstrates its high abnormality detection capability even for such an everyday product as corrugated cardboard. This makes quality control in the manufacturing industry more efficient and accurate, thereby enhancing product reliability. TOMOMI RESEARCH will continue to contribute to the promotion of DX in the manufacturing industry with its cutting-edge AI technology.