Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial DX Project for FY2022:
Resolving the lack of automation in visual inspection

Challenges and solutions for visual inspection in the manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, visual inspection of products is an important process essential for quality control, but in many cases, inspection requires visual inspection by human eyes.

However, in many cases, inspections must be performed visually by human eyes. As a result, there are issues with defects being overlooked due to halation and with the efficiency of the inspection process.

In this project, we developed a system to automate the visual inspection of small bearings by utilizing the latest technologies such as FORESIGHTSTEREO and E3ENGINE.

This system reduced the time and labor required for visual inspections and enabled highly accurate, real-time data collection.

Development of Automated Bearing Appearance Inspection System

Features of the visual inspection system utilizing advanced AI technology

In this project, FORESIGHT STEREO and E3 ENGINE were installed in the visual inspection of small bearings, and a mechanism for transporting small bearings was also developed.

This enabled the detection of invisible defects and high speedinspection with high accuracy.

We also developed a dashboard for real-time collection, tabulation, and visualization of inspection data.

This has enabled us to improve the efficiency of inspection work and quality control.

Developing a New Visual Inspection Market

Aiming to expand into the automotive and metal products industries

The objective of this project is to develop the market for visual inspection of small bearings through efforts to automate visual inspection in the manufacturing industry, and furthermore, to enter the market for visual inspection in the automotive and metal product industries.

By utilizing the developed system, we expect to achieve highly accurate, high-speed, and automated inspections compared to conventional manual visual inspections, thereby promoting industrial efficiency.