April 19, 2023, Seoul

TOMOMI RESEARCH's CEO, Mr. Sato, and CTO, Mr. Choi, visited The Matrix Corporation, based in Seoul, South Korea. This visit served as a platform for technical exchange and collaboration between two innovative companies that leverage cutting-edge Computer Vision and AI technologies.

The Matrix Coorporation(Seoul, Korea)

The Matrix Corporation has been widely recognized for its technical prowess in Korea, especially following its latest commercial for "Seoul Milk," which featured its generative AI technology. This commercial, starring popular Korean actress Park Eun-bin, has been a significant topic of conversation. Please take a moment to view the commercial video.

Both companies share many similarities in product development using Computer Vision and AI, and this visit allowed us to learn extensively from Mr. Brad Lee, CEO of The Matrix, and Victor Moon, their development manager, about their technologies, achievements, and future plans. Mr. Lee provided insights into how the latest AI technologies are quickly integrated into products, delivering value to clients and expanding business operations.

CEO Brad Lee and Sato, Choe

Such exchanges are incredibly valuable for TOMOMI RESEARCH as we continue to drive technological innovations. Our products, "FORESIGHT STEREO" and the "E3 ENGINE," will also benefit from new opportunities for improvement through these interactions.

As we conclude our visit, we look forward to further technical exchanges and collaborations in Korea. We hope that our relationship with The Matrix will lead to more innovative projects in the future.

For more details, please visit The Matrix's website.

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