TOMOMOMI RESEARCH takes a new step into the Korean market with cutting-edge technology.

TOMOMI RESEARCH CEO T. Sato and CTO S-H Choe visited finetheAi, an AI visual inspection system manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, Korea. finetheAi specializes in visual inspection of industrial products, and a meeting with President Park and his team was held at the company. CEO Park and his team.


During the visit, CEO Park and CEO Sato exchanged views on market trends and future visions in Korea, and had in-depth discussions on mutual technological capabilities and market strategies. finetheAi has shown particular interest in our “Foresight Stereo” and “E3 ENGINE,” and is introducing these We are now introducing these technologies to our clients in Korea and promoting proposals for them.

CTO Choe also explained to finetheAi's technical team our proprietary high-precision image processing technology and E3 ENGINE, which enables efficient AI model construction with a small amount of good data, and discussed the possibility of future technical cooperation.

Limさん(finetheAi)、崔、佐藤CEO, 朴CEO(finetheAi)

This meeting was an important step not only for the exchange of technology between the two companies, but also for the establishment of a strategic partnership for future market development. tomomi research will further enhance its presence in the global market through innovative visual inspection solutions using AI technology. TOMOMOMI RESEARCH is a global leader in the visual inspection industry.

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